FacePlus Clinic

Located in Gangnam, the hub of Korea’s plastic surgery industry, we are an alumni hospital of Korea’s Number 1 University, Seoul National University, and have treated over 25,000 patients.

FacePlus’ team of skilled surgeons masterfully delivers a wide range of plastic surgery, aesthetic, and dental treatments to patients from Korea and internationally.  

We operate excellent independently audited, state-of-the-art facilities which are fully accredited by the Korean Association for Accreditation of Aesthetic Surgical Facilities. Our extremely high standards of training ensure we offer the best quality care and professionalism throughout the patient’s journey.

Patient wellbeing is our number one priority; if a procedure or treatment is not required, we will always let you know. Integrity is key so we are consistently transparent and honest with all our patients to ensure they understand and have realistic expectations.

Dr. Park, Medical Director

Our Modern & Well-Equipped Facility

Our facility duplicates the safety of a hospital in a more relaxed, aesthetic, and calming atmosphere. We have recently invested in refurbishment and upgrade of many of our operating theaters, surgical infrastructure and outpatient rooms. 

Treatments are performed under both local and general anesthesia at the clinic, and patients are always assured the highest levels of care, closely monitored by our anesthetists and nurses. Our 100% accident-free record speaks for itself – we simply do not cut corners when it comes to patient safety.



FacePlus is one of Korea’s top-rated plastic surgery clinics. Our professional surgeons have delivered the highest standards of excellence to over 25,000 patients over many years.


Our primary goal is to make patients look and feel beautiful, whilst adhering to the highest standards of safety, care, and quality. Our aim is to be the number one plastic surgery clinic in Korea, for both our local citizens and international patients.


Our surgeons believe plastic surgery is an artform as well as a medical procedure that is always performed under stringent safety levels. Patient satisfaction is paramount, our positive testimonials and patient recommendations speak for themselves.

Our Medical Staff

Dr. Jung Keun, Park
Medical Director (Plastic Surgeon)

  • Obtained BA/MA/Ph.D at Seoul National University Medical School
  • Plastic Surgery Specialist at Seoul National University Hospital
  • Adjunct Professor at Seoul National University Hospital
  • Section Chief at National Cancer Center Plastic Surgery
  • Senior member of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon (KSPRS)
  • Regular member of the Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (KSAPS)
  • Regular member of Korea Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association (KCPCA)
  • Winner of “The best Medical Service in Korea” award and “Patient Satisfaction” award by Korea Times

Dr. Mi Yeong, An

  • Specialist in anesthesiology

  • Regular member of Korean Society of Anesthesiologists

  • Regular memeber of Korean Society for Intravenous Anesthesia

  • Anesthesiologist at Asan Medical Center


Our patient numbers have steadily grown, and the demographic has changed to now include a large proportion of international customers, both male and female.

To cater for our visitors, we are fluent in Korean, English, Chinese, Mongolian, Indonesian, Russian, and Japanese.

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E-mail: faceplus2010@gmail.com Phone/Whatsapp: +82-10-9797-3336