Nose Surgery

  • Rhinoplasty

  • Short Nose

  • Bulbous Nose Tip

  • Wide Nose

  • Deviated Nose

  • Hooked Nose

  • Long Nose

  • Nose Revision

Our nose surgery solutions will help improve your beauty

1. Flat Nose

For people with a low nose and low nose tip, a simple rhinoplasty placing an implant in the nose can raise the bridge of the nose and a dice of ear cartilage in the nose tip can raise the tip of the nose.

2. Short Nose

A short nose refers to a nose that is not proportional to the other facial features due to the length of the nasal tip. It is often caused from birth trauma or side effects from a previous surgery. This type of nose can cause too much exposure of the nostrils.

3. Bulbous Nose Tip

A Bulbous Tip is caused when the skin of the nasal tip is too thick and/or the septal cartilage is too thick or big. When this type of nose is corrected, a sharper and slimmer-looking nose is created. You get a slimmer looking nose tip that is in balance with the rest of the face.

4. Wide Nose (Osteotomy)

A wide nose is caused by a low, broad nasal bridge or bone, which can affect the attractiveness of the eyes as it causes them to look farther apart. It is also more noticeable because the nose is located in the center of the face.

5. Deviated Nose

The nasal septum is the middle structure in the nose, made of bone and cartilage, and separates the nasal passages into a right and left side. A deviated nose occurs when the nasal septum is deviated or displaced.

6. Hooked Nose

A hooked nose (aquiline nose) has a protruding bone and/or cartilage at the middle of the nasal bridge, causing a hump on the nose.  In this case, the protruding part is removed and the bridge is raised if necessary.

7. Long Nose

The main cause of a long nose is an excessive and elongated cartilage tip . Usually, this type of nose can make the overall face look longer and older. A long nose correction can instead bring a harmonized look.

8. Nose Revision

Is typically a routine yet rewarding procedure. However, on occasion, it can lead to adverse or dissatisfactory outcomes. Functional and/or cosmetic complications may have arisen from a patient’s previous surgery.

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Backed by Seoul National University (SNU)

Dr. Park, our lead surgeon, holds numerous qualifications including a Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degrees from Korea’s number one University, SNU. His involvement in pioneering R&D projects has resulted in advanced surgical treatments and techniques being rolled out across our clinic. His superior surgical skills have ensured FacePlus Clinic has positioned itself as the leading plastic surgery hospital in Korea and is always committed to delivering surgical excellence.  

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FacePlus Clinic is renowned for its superb levels of quality, care, professionalism and patient satisfaction, with over 25,000 patients benefiting from procedures with us. Safety is paramount and Face Plus clinic is proud of our accident-free record.

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Occupying an enviable position in the heart of Gangnamgu, the mecca of Korea’s plastic surgery, it is easily reached by local public transport and has excellent international links. The clinic has recently invested in upgrading much of its medical equipment and houses state-of-art clinical facilities and equipment. 

Dr. Park, Medical Director


FacePlus clinic is one of Korea’s leading plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics with an unrivaled reputation in delivering the highest levels of quality care in a safe and professional environment. Located in Gangnamgu, the mecca of Korea’s plastic surgery, we are an alumni hospital of Korea’s Number 1 University, Seoul National University, and have treated over 25,000 patients.

Our primary goal is to make our patients look and feel beautiful, and our team of skilled plastic surgeons is hugely experienced in exceeding patient’s expectations.

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“Having my eyelid surgery done at FacePlus clinic was the best decision I have ever made. Dr. Park was so knowledgeable and understanding, I felt at total ease from my initial consultation through to receiving my post-operative care plan. “

Yvonne, Singapore

I did a surgery in July 2019. I want to say thank you for everything FacePlus did for me. You have changed my life on the surgery day. You are the best plastic surgeon in Korea. Thank you for helping me to become prettier.”

Yen Le, USA

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